About the Community Advisory Council

Since 2005, the AECDC has been working with over 30 different area agencies who provide the AECDC Board and staff with information, insight, and suggestions for helping with social and health-related issues faced by the low-income families we all strive to serve.

We meet as a group three times a year to talk about what our clients need: many are hungry, homeless, and need health care; some have disabilities or mental health concerns, and generally need help in getting the basics, like diapers and nutrition, from infancy to old age. Most of our agencies focus on one or another of these needs, yet we know that most clients have more than a single need.

From these gatherings we learn about what each agency can offer, and work on ways to collaborate to provide better and broader services to our clients. Often just sharing information on our activities and plans means that agency workers can link clients to services they would otherwise not have known about.

Throughout the year we also communicate with individual advisory council members for suggestions and advice on how to improve the lives of our clients. Together, we’re working to help as many as we can, in as many ways as we can.


Successful Stories from our Community Advisory Council

Client with young children...

The M family comes to us for diapers and clothes for their young twins, Sofia and Thomas, age 2. Even though both parents work and live simply (they manage without a car), they have difficulty providing all the basics for their children. They come to our Central Jersey Diaper Bank for diapers and clothes, and we know they need food. However, they don’t have transportation to pick up food from possible sources. Through our partnership with the Jewish Family Services Food Pantry, in Milltown, we can register the M’s at our central New Brunswick office, fax over the paperwork, have our Youth Corps volunteers pick it up and deliver it to the family.

Elderly Client...

Mrs. S. 75, receives regular food delivery from Meals on Wheels. Through our partnership with this program we can provide needed adult diapers, as well as a walker that helps Mrs. S. move around her apartment complex, helping ease the isolation so many elderly can feel.

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