Blood Drive AND Diaper Drive!

7651059264 IMG 0420In 2015, Casey Cattell not only became a first-time mother, but she also became one of the many faces of the Maternal Health Crisis in the United States. It would be an understatement to say she had a challenging pregnancy and postpartum, dodging death not once, but twice. Blood transfusions were one of the crucial elements to saving her life- she received at least 15 units which is more than her entire blood volume- and she is now holding blood drives to support Maternal Health Awareness to pay the gift of life forward.

Learning that a fellow near-miss survivor in Washington DC held diaper drives in addition to collecting blood, Casey searched online for a diaper bank in Central NJ and found us.  She made us a part of the Woodside Chapel Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) January 23rd blood drive for Maternal Health Awareness Day, and the response was great!  She collected hundreds of diapers as well as wipes, a bassinet, and financial donations:  $525 to help us help mothers and babies.

Casey will be doing more blood drives in the future, and wants to partner with us for all of them.  Follow her efforts on Facebook at Heroes For Moms- New Jersey.  (Link:

Thank you to Casey, the MOPS moms and their friends in and around Woodside Chapel in Fanwood, NJ.  We look forward to partnering with you again for the Mother's Day Blood Drive!

Check out the video on News12!

Central Jersey Diaper Bank meets needs of families...

square diapersThrough our Central Jersey Diaper Bank (formerly B-FED:  Baby Formula, Equipment and Diapers) we’ve:

  • Served 299 families, 50 of them two times (so we’ve filled 353 requests for diapers, wipes, and clothes)
  • Distributed 31,715 diapers to them
  • Met 381 requests for cloths (each request including at least three pants, three tops, plus sweaters or jackets, blankets, hats)
  • Saved them $12,910 as a group

Virtual Diaper Drive for Hurricane Relief!

diaper drive 2017For Hurricane Relief raised $3,000 in funds sent directly to Diaper Banks in Texas and Florida; donated 1,300 diapers and packages of wipes to Puerto Rico.

High Holiday Diaper Drive

diaper-drive.jpgSpecial thank you to the members and family members of Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple.  Our Annual Diaper drive this year brought in over,  9,300 diapers!  This is equivalent to 2 months of diapers we would normally purchase!



aecdc video

By Lauren Wanko


This mom of two needs diapers for her children and on this day she’s getting them for free.

“It just provides that little gap in between transitioning through certain financial issues,” said client Tiyonia.

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Central Jersey Diaper Bank


(Formally know as B-FED) AECDC provides free Baby Formula, Equipment and Diapers, plus wipes, clothing and other items that are crucial to keeping babies and young children healthy and growing! AECDC is the only diaper bank in Central NJ, and is affiliated with the National Diaper Bank Network.

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


med equipment

AECDC loans medical equipment at no charge such as shower seats, walkers and wheelchairs.  Without assistance, our elderly and disabled are often isolated and unable to sustain a healthy quality of life.


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