The AECDC receives frequent requests for hospital beds, but doesn't have the storage space to keep them.  However, we try to match donors and recipients whenever possible.

Andrea Wendler, who has been on our staff for more than five years, is in charge of this.  Recently she had a rewarding experience:  a 52 year old in North Brunswick with a terminal illness needed a hospital bed, and had found the AECDC on-line.

Unfortunately, we did not know of any beds available.

But that very same day, Andrea received a call from a woman whose mother had died, and who had requested that her equipment be donated where it was most needed.  She had heard about us from a senior day care center in Milltown.

Transportation is a second issue that comes up with such large items.  In this case, not only did the daughter and son-in-law want to donate the bed through our program, they also transported the bed to the client's home and re-assembled it there.

Andrea was very pleased to make this match, and we all feel very fortunate when this works out.

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