Recently we were contacted by a social worker at a local hospital. The worker was concerned about a young woman who has had numerous complications with Type 1 Diabetes throughout her life.   In the past year, she had had more than a dozen emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Completely dependent on her parents, this young woman had become depressed and withdrawn, and had stopped engaging with people. The family had to deal with the financial burden of the client's medical expenses as well as trying to manage her physical and mental health issues.  The situation was extremely stressful for all of them.

Once the family received the news that we would be providing them with a transport wheelchair, they were thrilled.  In fact, the social worker reported that the client actually began to interact socially.   The family was very relieved and appreciative that we were able to ease their financial burden, and in a way that had a positive emotional impact as well.  In their words, "the assistance we provided reduced their stress tremendously."

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