On May 8, the radio station New Jersey 101.5 interviewed AECDC President Deborah Cherniss.  Deborah explained how the AECDC is meeting a critical need by distributing disposable diapers to economically-distressed families in the New Brunswick area. She described how the AECDC operates and promoted its Adopt a Mom donation campaign.
AECDC president Deborah Cherniss
You can read the a summary of the interview here: http://nj1015.com/diaper-drive-highlights-middlesex-groups-mothers-day-outreach/.  For your convenience, the text of this article is copied below.
Diaper drive highlights Middlesex group’s Mother’s Day outreach
By Patrick Lavery May 8, 2017 5:00 AM
New Jersey 101.5 – Proud to be New Jersey – New Jersey News Radio
NEW BRUNSWICK — Many young families in New Jersey can be categorized as being in “temporary distress” — they have perhaps one child, but the mother is unable to return to work or either she, the child’s father, or both have lost their jobs.

In advance of Mother’s Day, that’s where a Central Jersey group is coming in to lend a helping hand.
The New Brunswick-based Anshe Emeth Community Development Corporation is the only diaper bank in the Middlesex County area, and the organization provides not only those disposable diapers to struggling families, but also baby wipes, formula and clothes whenever possible.
Deborah Cherniss, AECDC president, said the families who come to them are usually referred by churches or other clergy groups.
“We don’t have people just walking in off the street and getting things from us. There’s a referral process, and we know that this is a real problem time for them,” she said. “This happens often for reasons beyond people’s control. A lot of our clients have lost jobs, they’ve been laid off.”
With only one part-time, paid staffer, the largely volunteer membership of AECDC is working hard this season to promote its Adopt a Mom campaign, a donation drive in which contributors can sign up for any one of several different dollar amounts to give the gift of diapers and other materials. In April, for instance, the organization received more than 60 requests for these items.

Most families that AECDC helps only come to them one time, but that one occurrence can be enough to tide them over until their situations improve, according to Cherniss. The group also has partnerships through which they distribute baby boxes and other medical supplies like wheelchairs and walkers.
To get involved with the Adopt a Mom drive, visit aecdc.org or call (732) 296-9922.
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