Between January 1 and March 31, 2014, the AECDC  served 255 clients in all programs, responding to 587 requests for service (many clients have more than one need).  We calculated the value of the services provided and determined that we saved clients a total of $62,324, for an average of $244 per client and $106 per service provided.  Thus, the essential services we provide to our clients provide significant economic relief to these low income individuals. Importantly, the AECDC delivered these services cost effectively; the $62,324 in savings was more than 2.5 times larger than the $25,000 costs incurred by the AECDC during the same time period.  The table below shows the numbers served and savings generated for each of the AECDC programs.

Program Number served  Requests filled (kinds of benefits received)  Amount saved or added to client income
 ASK  54  113 (respite care,clothes, food stamps, rent, notarization)  $17,394
 BEST 145  374 (car seats, diapers, formula, baby clothes)  $16,713
 HELP   29    35 (durable medical equipment) $  8,557
 IOHIO   27    65 (prescription plans, health insurance) $19,710
 TOTAL  255 clients  587 requests for service  $62,374 saved or added to client income

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