Each year at their holiday party, members of the Rotary Club of New Brunswick have a gift exchange with each other. This year instead they collected dollars for diapers. The diapers go to low-income families who cannot provide their young children with basic needs.

The Rotary Club donated $700 plus one box of diapers to B-FED, Baby Formula and Emergency Diapers, program run by the AECDC.

The donation was suggested and arranged by Roz Shaw, a long-time Rotary Club member and former board member of the AECDC. In 2012 the Rotary Club also honored the AECDC co-founder and then-president, Deborah Cherniss, with the annual Paul Harris Award for Service Before Self. Current president, Bruce Trattler, thanked the Rotary Club for their generosity of both funds and thoughtfulness in donating them.

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