Hundreds of Hats Help Babies Stay Warm

In Spring, 2005, the AECDC's then-president, Deborah Cherniss, began “Knitting for Newborns” to add warmth and color to the AECDC's new baby-related programs for low-income families.

Since then, hundreds of hats (and blankets) have come from individuals and groups such as Brandeis Women, Hadassah, and shops like Pins and Needles in Princeton, NJ.

Handmade hats blankets

They go to our many little clients (we serve over 700 families a year) and to area hospitals and Neonatal Intensive Care Units that care for fragile and disabled infants.

The hats range from very, very small (for premies) to large infant size.  They often are paired with our Diaper Program, keeping both little tops and bottoms warm and dry.

For information on knitting hats, please click here.

We Thank Our Volunteers

Like most nonprofits, the AECDC, relies on volunteers to assist with the support and functioning of the agency.  We would like to express our appreciation to our many and varied volunteers: our officers and Board Members, former clients, members of the NJ Youth Corps, New Brunswick High School Honor Society Students, and our many partner agencies.

Deborah Cherniss is our founder, past president and grant writer extraordinaire.  Without her efforts, we would not have existed or be able to continue to exist.  She spends numerous hours compiling data for our public and private funders.

Members of our board contribute a good deal of their time in the planning and execution of our services.  When staff calls them for the board's help, their response is received within minutes of the request.  The board assists with office work and picks up donations from individuals, consignment stores and outlets.  They also get the word out about our services and ways to help through creating written and electronic documents as well attending social service meetings in the community.  They support the CDC through their financial donations.  The board organizes and administers our holiday gift program for children with the generous donations of Temple members and others from the community.

Some of our clients have desired to “give back” by providing office or housekeeping assistance as well as offering donations of goods and transportation for the agency when they are able.

Some of the members of the NJ Youth Corps have chosen to volunteer with us after their term of training is completed.

New Brunswick High School Honor Society Students, who aspire to become social workers, have visited us and made phone calls to update our collateral service information while learning what we do.

Other institutions have contributed to our success by their efforts.  We meet with a number of community partners in a Community Advisory Committee meeting.  The Central Jersey Maternal and Child Healthcare Consortium has delivered some of our goods to our clients when they are visiting them.  The First Reformed Church, Robert Wood Johnson Community Health program, Catholic Charities and the New Brunswick Police Department Domestic Violence Response Team all have supported us through drives for food, formula, clothing and back to school supplies for needy youth.

To all of these above, we say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Winter 2016 Newsletter

We just published our latest newsletter.  It contains highlights from our past year, tells compelling stories about how we helped clients, describes the contributions of the volunteers who enable us to carry out our mission, and lots more.

Click here to view it online.


AECDC Brings 2015 Holiday Cheer

As part of our annual holiday gift program called “The Wishing Wall,” more than 200 children from more than 100 families had their Christmas wishes come true through donations of toys, warm clothes and gift cards.

This year many of the children receiving gifts were the innocent victims of domestic violence, many of whom are currently living in shelters.  Almost all of the children live in single parent households, with mommies and grandmas providing love and care.
They say it takes a village and this project was no exception.  The dedicated AECDC Staff and Board along with a team of volunteers from Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple and the NJ Youth Corp sorted, packed and delivered all the gifts in time for Christmas.
The New Brunswick community provided tremendous support for this effort as well.  A number of children’s wishes were filled by members of the New Brunswick Police Domestic Violence Emergency Response Team, RWJ Community Health & Hospital, The City of New Brunswick, Eric B. Chandler Health Center, Suydam Street Reformed Church, and the Greater Brunswick Charter School.

Also this year, the AECDC collaborated with the New Brunswick HUD Teen Center in a very successful gift give-away with Santa.

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


(Formally know as B-FED) AECDC provides free Baby Formula, Equipment and Diapers, plus wipes, clothing and other items that are crucial to keeping babies and young children healthy and growing! AECDC is the only diaper bank in Central NJ, and is affiliated with the National Diaper Bank Network.

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


med equipment

AECDC loans medical equipment at no charge such as shower seats, walkers and wheelchairs.  Without assistance, our elderly and disabled are often isolated and unable to sustain a healthy quality of life.


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