Two local newspapers have published stories about the Anshe Emeth Community Development Corporation (AECDC) receiving $18,000 from the State Farm 2014 Citizenship Grant for an important child safety program. The C-CARS (Children’s Car And Road Safety) program offers car seat safety workshops given by credentialed instructors, as well as free car seats for AECDC parents who complete the training. 

  • Click here to read the article in New Brunswick Patch
  • click here to read the article in the North Brunswick-South Brunswick Sentinel

Full Article:

The Anshe Emeth Community Development Corp. (AECDC) has been awarded $18,000 from the State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant for a child safety program.

The Children’s Car and Road Safety Program offers car seat safety workshops and free car seats for parents who complete the training.

“Infant car seats are required by law, and they save lives. But there is no free source for them anywhere else in Middlesex County,” former AECDC President Deborah Cherniss said. “Even if parents can afford a car seat, they don’t receive instruction in its proper use. Through this State Farm grant, we can both give a car seat and educate the parents in how to install and use it to keep babies safe.”

AECDC is a nonprofit that provides a variety of free and low-cost services to lowincome individuals who reside in Middlesex County or Franklin Township. A referral from another established agency is needed, and the programs are available to everyone.


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