EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Laura Gordon and Dana Schrager want to run East Brunswick next year. For now, they are committed to running Highland Park.

Track Friday is a movement that began four years ago to counteract the commerical effect of Black Friday and its blow-out sales. It has now grown into a fully-developed movement in which hundreds of people can run/walk for the charity of their choice.
This year the closest event (there are 4 locations particpating in New Jersey) will be held at the Highland Park Middle School track on Friday, November 27 from 10:00am to 1:00 pm. Participants can walk or run for as far as they like or as long as they like to raise some funds to support charities.

East Brunswick's Laura Gordon will walk for the AECDC - Anshe Emeth Community Development Corporation - which is Middlesex' County's largest bank of diapers and wipes. Says Gordon, "At Anshe Emeth, we help people of low income all over in Middlesex County. Unfortunately many of the government food programs do not include funding for diapers or wipes, so many babies go without changed diapers, which could lead to so many problems down the line."

Gordon will walk along with the Highland Park Runners Club, as they are supporting the Highland Park Education Foundation. She hopes to bring this movement to East Brunswick next year.

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November 22, 2015 at 2:30 PM


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