As part of our efforts to evaluate our services, every other year we send a one-page survey to agencies with which we worked for at least one year. We have done this in 2009, 2011, and 2013.  In October 2015, two years later, we sent the same survey. 

Over these years, the responses have been quite consistent: both rating scales and comments show a strong, positive response to the AECDC as providing unique and very needed services in our community, and doing so promptly, with respect, courtesy, and compassion for clients. In addition, comments repeatedly note the importance and uniqueness of 1) bilingual staff; 2) location (within walking distance of many clients); and 3) the fact that we provide material goods as well as links to other services.

The report below summarizes and compares all the surveys, by year, showing the strong similarities and occasional differences reflected in the responses.


As in earlier surveys, both ranking scales and short comments showed a strong positive response to the AECDC as providing unique and very needed services in our community, and doing so promptly, with respect, courtesy, and compassion for clients.

Sample of Comments:

What is best about the AECDC?

  • Everything
  • Bilingualism
  • Location
  • The staff
  • Commitment to community
  • Range of services provided
  • Advocacy with larger agencies
  • Prompt response
  • Referrals to additional services
  • Collaboration with referring agency is wonderful
  • Professionalism and compassion for population served
  • Provide answers and services to individuals in the community cannot otherwise get
  • Even if a service is not offered, staff will work to locate it.
  • (Program Director) is a wonderful asset to the community.
  • She is resourceful, helpful, and an inspiration to families and other providers.

What is the greatest weakness of the AECDC?

  • Too much to do
  • Need more funding
  • Need more staff to do great work
  • The need is very high and the program is understaffed
  • Sometimes do not have enough resources
  • Not being able to serve a larger community

Suggestions for improving AECDC services?

  • More supplies
  • Additional staff
  • More funding
  • More resources available to the community
  • Appreciation of staff to keep them motivated
  • Expansion of service locations

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


(Formally know as B-FED) AECDC provides free Baby Formula, Equipment and Diapers, plus wipes, clothing and other items that are crucial to keeping babies and young children healthy and growing! AECDC is the only diaper bank in Central NJ, and is affiliated with the National Diaper Bank Network.

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


med equipment

AECDC loans medical equipment at no charge such as shower seats, walkers and wheelchairs.  Without assistance, our elderly and disabled are often isolated and unable to sustain a healthy quality of life.


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square grandma baby

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