• 2017 Diaper Drive

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    Contact:  Deborah Cherniss, 732-296-9922

    Small things—diapers—affect big things—a family’s physical, mental and economic well-being. 

    Disposable diapers cost $70 to $80 per month perchild, and are required byday care providers.  Withoutdiapers parents cannot go to work or school.  But no government program allows spending for diapers.

    Middlesex County’s only diaper bank, the B-FED Program (Baby Formula, Equipment and Diapers) is highlighting this need during National Diaper Need Awareness Week, Sept. 25- Oct. 1.    With no charge to families, last year they gave out more than 70,000 diapers to more than 1,100 babies.   

    Diapers of all sizes are needed and can be delivered to 222 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick.  All cash donations will be used to purchase diapers and wipes in bulk. All donations are fully tax deductible.

    For additional information, please call 732-296-9922, or visit our website:  www.aecdc.org

  • AECDC diaper bank assists families in need

    aecdc video

    By Lauren Wanko


    This mom of two needs diapers for her children and on this day she’s getting them for free.

    “It just provides that little gap in between transitioning through certain financial issues,” said client Tiyonia.

  • B'nai Mitzvah Diaper Drive

    square diapersDana and Steven Schrager's family has made diaper drives a new family tradition: Their Thanksgiving and Passover guests are asked to bring them to dinner, and her two children, Payton & Eli, shared their commitment by asking guests to bring disposable diapers to their B'nai Mitzvot celebration

  • Blood Drive AND Diaper Drive!

    7651059264 IMG 0420In 2015, Casey Cattell not only became a first-time mother, but she also became one of the many faces of the Maternal Health Crisis in the United States. It would be an understatement to say she had a challenging pregnancy and postpartum, dodging death not once, but twice. Blood transfusions were one of the crucial elements to saving her life- she received at least 15 units which is more than her entire blood volume- and she is now holding blood drives to support Maternal Health Awareness to pay the gift of life forward.

  • Elinor's Culture Club donates 700 diapers!


    Elinor's Culture Club, a group of New Jersey women brought together by the late Elinor Geller, invited AECDC President Deborah Cherniss (second from right) to tell them about diaper need and the kinds of situations that bring clients to us. 

  • High Holiday Diaper Drive

    diaper-drive.jpgSpecial thank you to the members and family members of Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple.  Our Annual Diaper drive this year brought in over,  9,300 diapers!  This is equivalent to 2 months of diapers we would normally purchase!


  • Thank you for Donating to Diapers for Texas

    texas diaper donations

    Thank you for participating in our Diapers for Texas campaign!  


    You have made life just a little easier for those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey




  • Track Friday Results: Thousands of Diapers!

    For the second year, the AECDC team participated in TrackFriday.org. This is a walking event that began after Hurricane Sandy to give people the chance to raise money for their own non-profit organizations.
    Led by AECDC Board members Laura Gordon and Dana Schrager, we finished in 6th place out of the 55 different fundraising groups who participated.  Not only did we raise over $1500, we also collected over 20 boxes of diapers!  $300 of these donations helps keep open our small but essential office; $1,200 translated into another 100 boxes of baby diapers (purchased wholesale).  Each box includes about 100 diapers... that means our little ‘walking effort’ provided over 10,000 diapers to people who need them!
  • Virtual Diaper Drive for Hurricane Relief!

    diaper drive 2017For Hurricane Relief raised $3,000 in funds sent directly to Diaper Banks in Texas and Florida; donated 1,300 diapers and packages of wipes to Puerto Rico.

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