The Need in Middlesex County:

Facts about medical equipment and the poor in Middlesex County

  • Unsteady on their feet, our neighbors who are elderly or disabled are afraid to bathe themselves.  They need shower seats, but Medicare does not cover any “bathroom only” equipment.
  • Injured but uninsured, workers with broken legs cannot get hospital beds in their homes.
  • Elderly spouses of those needing wheelchairs cannot take their loved one out of their home: Medicare covers only standard weight wheelchairs; Medicare does not cover the lightweight wheelchairs that are easier for elderly caregivers to fold and put in the car.

Facts about babies born to the poor in Middlesex County

  • Newborns are stranded at area hospitals because their parents don’t have car seats;
  • Infants are being fed sugar water because their parents can’t afford formula;
  • Babies are sleeping on the floor because their parents can’t afford cribs;
  • Young children are not adequately dressed for cold or wet weather.


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By Lauren Wanko


This mom of two needs diapers for her children and on this day she’s getting them for free.

“It just provides that little gap in between transitioning through certain financial issues,” said client Tiyonia.

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