Over 100 children received gifts and warm coats

20181229 111549The 2018 Wishing Wall Program brought dozens of gifts to over 100 low-income children in Middlesex County, from infants to 10 year olds.

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Story of a Mother of Three...

How your donations help:

RoseMary (not her real name) was referred to us when one of her year-old twins was having the first of several surgeries to correct lung and stomach problems from birth.  Two years ago RoseMary and her partner were living comfortably with their young son when she became pregnant again.  They were awed to learn they were having twins, but then the babies were born 12 weeks early, both with stomach and lung abnormalities.  In the past year RoseMary's partner has left, and now at 33 years old she is homeless with three young children. 

After months of applications, one of the little girls has had the first of four projected surgeries; efforts are underway to get approval for the second baby girl to have them as well.  RoseMary is working part-time and looking for permanent housing.  We provided her with diapers, wipes, new clothes for all the children, and other equipment and toys for the holidays, as well as a new coat for herself, one of the larger sizes donated to us by Project Warm.  RoseMary also knows that we will be here for further help as she needs it.

Help us help families like this one... 


AECDC Provides Special Formula for Premature Baby

A single, hardworking mother gave birth to a premature baby with gastric complications.  The baby required special, costly formula, which had to be changed four times.  The WIC program refused her case because her earnings were slightly over the qualifying income.  She had been referred to AECDC.  The AECDC provided her with 9 cans of the special formula.  Norka reviewed her application to WIC and helped her correct a data entry mistake and obtain a Familycare application for her son.

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Obtains Walker

An 84 year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis, contacted the CDC.  She was given a prescription for a walker.  She lives on a limited income and could not afford to buy the walker. Norka counseled her to phone 1-800-MEDICARE and to find a pharmacy that could provide the equipment that she needed.  Upon completion of the phone calls, the Youth Core members that volunteer with the CDC delivered the walker to the client.

AECDC Enables Grandparents to Care for Grandaughter

The CDC received a phone call from the local police.  A young mother, suffering from post-partum depression, had run away and left her 8 month old baby.  The baby’s grandmother agreed to care for her granddaughter to avoid her placement in foster care.  The AECDC was able to provide a crib, a pack and play, and many other baby items, which cost $670 that the grandparent did not have.

AECDC Rescues Teen Living in Car with Three Week Old Baby

A 17 year old with a three week old baby had been living with her mother, who received benefits (food stamps, rental assistance, etc.) for all of them.  Tensions between the teen mom and her own mother had been growing, and ended with the mother physically fighting with and then throwing out the teen.
Because she was on her mother's vouchers, she could not obtain any benefits for herself and her infant.  She did have a car, and was sleeping in it with the new baby.  When she went to the Board of Social Services she was told that she had to apply to be an emancipated minor and then get her own benefits.  In the meantime, there were no places in the homeless shelters available for her.

When she was referred to our program, we found there were several rooms available in local shelters, helped place her,  helped her apply for emancipation, and helped her apply for her own benefits.  We are now helping her apply for transitional housing and child care so she can return to and finish high school.

Fire Victim Helped by AECDC Grows Up and Volunteers to Help Us Help Others

Eight years ago, a fire on Jersey Avenue in New Brunswick left several families homeless.  The AECDC acted as a coordinator for efforts to help them, including finding deposits for new homes.  Recently the child of one of those families, now a college student, contacted us to say how much his family appreciated what we'd done.  He is in commercial graphic design, and wanted to offer his services to us if we were in need of them.  He also is doing a drive for children's clothing and durable medical equipment for the disabled.  He said he never forgot how we helped, and wanted to help us help others in need.

Alyssa's Diaper Drive

Alyssa Cosentino, a Junior at South River High School, decided to do a community service project.  She learned about the need for diapers and searched for local organizations that distribute diapers to those in need.  On the National Diaper Bank Network website (of which we are members) she found our B-FED (Baby Formula and Emergency Diapers) program, which is the only diaper bank in Central New Jersey.

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AECDC staff were exceptionally nice...

I just wanted to write a note to let you know how helpful the staff at Anshe Emeth Community had been to me when I needed to borrow a transport wheelchair when I broke my foot.

Norka, Andrea, Zoraida and Sachi were exceptionally nice, helpful, and accommodating at a very difficult time for me.

I'm back on two feet again (thank goodness!) but I just wanted to send a note to thank them again for all their help!

All the best,
Marcie Aboff

Thanks to the cdc my children enjoyed the holidays...

Click on the link below to see a beautiful letter how a family was assisted by AECDC.org

pdfThank You.pdf

showed me you were thinking of me...

“You really showed me you were thinking of me – your organization is the only one providing service that gives a d--n!” Phone communication to our HELP staff person, from a 70 year-old mother caring for a daughter in her 40’s, disabled by Multiple Sclerosis. The mother had back surgery, and needed a lighter wheelchair to transport her daughter. She also is going to donate to us her daughter’s electric scooter, which has hardly been used.

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