Story of a Mother of Three...

How your donations help:

RoseMary (not her real name) was referred to us when one of her year-old twins was having the first of several surgeries to correct lung and stomach problems from birth.  Two years ago RoseMary and her partner were living comfortably with their young son when she became pregnant again.  They were awed to learn they were having twins, but then the babies were born 12 weeks early, both with stomach and lung abnormalities.  In the past year RoseMary's partner has left, and now at 33 years old she is homeless with three young children. 

After months of applications, one of the little girls has had the first of four projected surgeries; efforts are underway to get approval for the second baby girl to have them as well.  RoseMary is working part-time and looking for permanent housing.  We provided her with diapers, wipes, new clothes for all the children, and other equipment and toys for the holidays, as well as a new coat for herself, one of the larger sizes donated to us by Project Warm.  RoseMary also knows that we will be here for further help as she needs it.

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