Alyssa's Diaper Drive

Alyssa Cosentino, a Junior at South River High School, decided to do a community service project.  She learned about the need for diapers and searched for local organizations that distribute diapers to those in need.  On the National Diaper Bank Network website (of which we are members) she found our B-FED (Baby Formula and Emergency Diapers) program, which is the only diaper bank in Central New Jersey.

 Alyssa asked her Guidance Counselor to serve as an adviser for the Drive and obtained permission to conduct the Drive from school officials, who were very supportive. Alyssa promoted the Drive by putting up posters. Once the Drive was underway, school staff included a reminder to donate diapers in the daily, school-wide public address announcement.

The Drive lasted for approximately one month, during which both teachers and students donated 50 boxes of diapers. Also, a member of the School Board, who learned about the Drive while visiting the school, was able to secure a donation of another 400 boxes of diapers, containing 100 diapers each, which were left over from supplies donated in the wake of Super Storm Sandy. In addition to diapers, Alyssa received donations of 10 pairs of shoes, 40 pieces of baby clothing and boxes of baby wipes. Alyssa stored all of the donations in her house and they were subsequently picked up by a volunteer from the Anshe Emeth Community Development Corporation.

Alyssa said that running the Drive was a very rewarding experience and that she plans to run another one next year. The main lesson she learned from running this Drive is that she should be more aggressive in following up requests for help and information; if people take more than a few days to respond to a request, she would take the initiative to contact them again instead of waiting longer for a response.

Alyssa said that anyone can easily to run a Drive using the materials from the AECDC B-FED Program (links are below). Organizing a drive is not very time-consuming; Alyssa said she spent approximately 18 to 19 hours working on the Drive. Alyssa recommended having an adviser provide guidance. She said that she would be happy to provide advice to anyone who wants to organize a Drive at their school or workplace. You can contact Alyssa by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

pdfEZ_BEBE_BEST_DRIVE_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf for instructions on how to run a drive.  

docDiaper_Drive_Flyer_-_Jan_14.doc to download a customizable flyer to advertise the drive.

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