AECDC Rescues Teen Living in Car with Three Week Old Baby

A 17 year old with a three week old baby had been living with her mother, who received benefits (food stamps, rental assistance, etc.) for all of them.  Tensions between the teen mom and her own mother had been growing, and ended with the mother physically fighting with and then throwing out the teen.
Because she was on her mother's vouchers, she could not obtain any benefits for herself and her infant.  She did have a car, and was sleeping in it with the new baby.  When she went to the Board of Social Services she was told that she had to apply to be an emancipated minor and then get her own benefits.  In the meantime, there were no places in the homeless shelters available for her.

When she was referred to our program, we found there were several rooms available in local shelters, helped place her,  helped her apply for emancipation, and helped her apply for her own benefits.  We are now helping her apply for transitional housing and child care so she can return to and finish high school.

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