Location, Location, Location: Think BIG!

Could you host it at your workplace? Your child’s school? Your place of worship? Is there a well-loved local business that might be interested in hosting a diaper drive with you? Be sure you select a location that is easily accessible to many people.
Where you gather diapers during your diaper drive can make a huge difference in the drive’s success. Make sure you collect diapers in a place that is:

  • Out in the open – think corner of the room instead of a closet
  •  Easy to access – make sure everyone can easily get to the spot where you’re collecting diapers

Suggestions that have been successful:

  • Your church/temple/mosque/place of worship
  • Your school/pre-school
  • Your workplace
  • Local library
  • Coffee shops
  • Children’s stores/Boutiques Salons / Spas
  • Community play spaces
  • Your neighborhood association or block

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