Place a large, brightly decorated box in a convenient place where people can drop the diapers. Be sure to label the box (contact us if you would like a flyer to put on the box).

Once the diapers are collected, tally the total number of diapers collected and let us know the results.

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


(Formally know as B-FED) AECDC provides free Baby Formula, Equipment and Diapers, plus wipes, clothing and other items that are crucial to keeping babies and young children healthy and growing! AECDC is the only diaper bank in Central NJ, and is affiliated with the National Diaper Bank Network.

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


med equipment

AECDC loans medical equipment at no charge such as shower seats, walkers and wheelchairs.  Without assistance, our elderly and disabled are often isolated and unable to sustain a healthy quality of life.


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